After Sales Service

During your warranty period we offer a full backup service in the event that you should have a problem with your Ruby Dry Dehumidifier.

After 6-years of selling the Ruby Dry Dehumidifier we fully understand the machine and are therefore skilled at carrying out repairs. 

Spare parts are normally in stock with further spares shipped in from Belgium as required.

If you experience a problem with your Ruby Dry we would ask you if possible to use the original carton and packaging for return to us. We can arrange collection from your home or work place. Once the unit has been received at AirControl Systems we will repair the machine if it is viable to do so or replace the machine completely if within the warranty period.

To validate the 12 month warranty you must follow the guidelines as per the instruction manual and use the carbon filter along with the pre-filter. These filters must be cleaned every few weeks and that includes washing the carbon filter. To find out if the carbon filter requires washing, simply hold the filter up to the light and make sure you can see some daylight throughout the whole of the filter surface. If you cant then you need to wash that filter and re-use.

The carbon filter should be replaced once per year.

Failure to follow these guidelines can result in loss of extraction or even premature machine failure and could invalidate the warranty.